Friday, December 01, 2006

Hanuman chalisa prayog


1) Reciting the opening Doha of Hanumaan chaalisa many times will remove the doshas arising out of having insulted knowingly/ unknowingly one’s preceptor/ a Raama Bhakta.
2) Reciting the second Doha will remove hardships in life and grant wisdom and strength.
3) Reciting the opening chaupayi of the chaalisa “Jaya Hanumaan gyaan guna saagar…..” will bless one with Divine knowledge.
4) Reciting the third Chaupaayi “Mahaaveer vikrama Bhajrangi…..” will help in reforming persons who are into bad company or have fallen into undesirable habits. It will also give abundant strength.
5) Reciting the 7th and 8th chaupaayis “Vidyaavaan gunii athi chaathur…..” will help one to cultivate Raama Bhakti and become dear to Lord Raama.
6) Reciting the 11th Chaupaayi “Laaya sanjeevan…..” will help in removing effects of poisonous bites and in removal of fear from snakes.
7) Reciting the 12th Chaupaayi will help in removing misunderstanding between brothers and promote unity between siblings.
8) Reciting the 13th, 14th, and 15th chaupaayis will help in attaining fame.
9) Reciting the 16th and 17th Chaupaayiis will help in recovering lost status or in attaining desired promotions/ posts.
10) Reciting the 20th Chaupaayi will help in accomplishing even difficult tasks overcoming all obstacles.
11) Reciting the 22nd chaupaayi will give Divine Protection during adverse planetary periods.
12) Reciting the 24th Chaupaayii will help in driving away Negative Energies including Boota, Pisachas, saakinii, daakini, and black magical deities.
13) Reciting the 25th Chaupaayi will help in maintaining good health. It will also give the ability to bear physical pain when one is injured.
14) Reciting the 26th Chaupaayi gives relief from difficulties.
15) Reciting 27th and 28th chaupaayiis grants bestowal of desires by Divine Grace.
16) Reciting the 29th Chaupaayii grants fame.
17) Reciting the 30th Chaupaayii helps in victory over evil forces.
18) Reciting the 31st Chaupaayii gives occult powers and great Wealth.
19) Reciting the 32nd, 33rd, 34th and 35th Chaupaayiis helps one to enjoy an ethical and fulfilling life without any worries/ frustrations at the end of such a contented life one will attain the Divine Abode of Shri Raamaa.
20) Reciting the 36th Chaupaayii gives relief from all difficulties and pains.
21) Reciting the 37th Chaupaayii secures the Grace of Hanuman.

Those who have major tasks to accomplish should recite the appropriate chaupaayii with devotion 1008 times on an auspicious Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday or on a Moola Nakshatra day. They can also tail pooja along with this (offering sandal wood paste and kumkum/sindoor to the tail of Hanumanji’s image for 48 days). Others can just recite it 12 times, 24 times, 32 times, 36 times, 54 times, 108 times, 1008 times, or even 10008 times based on time availability and convenience. Absolute Faith and the correct attitudes combined with this recital can definitely help one to achieve all that one sets out for in life. May the Grace of Lord Hanumaan Bless us all.


Thursday, November 09, 2006

Propitiate the Gods of Wisdom to get Divine Guidance

Shri Dakshinamurthi is the ascetic form of Lord Shiva. He is meditated as follows:

“Youthful form of Lord Shiva doing tapasya under a tree. Four elderly sages sit in front of Him venerating Him as their Guru. The Guru does not utter a single word and is maintaining perfect Silence… Yet, ALL the doubts of the disciples are cleared in His Presence”.

This is the form of Lord Medha Dakshinamurthi. You can even simply meditate on Lord Shiva’s meditating images if you cannot procure a picture as described above.

Shri Hayagriva is the form of Lord Maha Vishnu with a horse’s head. He is the Vaishnavite equivalent of Lord Dakshinamurthi… i.e. He is the Deity of Wisdom. Lord Vishnu took this form to destroy the demon “Haya Mukha”- meaning one with a horse’s head, who had obtained a boon that he can be killed only by a Haya Mukha. The Lord destroyed the demon and restored Vedas to the sages and celestials.

Both these Avatars are Aadi-Gurus (Primary Gurus) for everyone. So, propitiating them, writing their names (like Om Dakshinamurthaye namaha/ Om shri Hayavadhanaaya Namaha) with devotion 10/108 times or even more, etc. will grant a person the opportunity to get a good preceptor who will show them the way to lead life successfully and ultimately, to attain successfully. There are instances when these Deities themselves have been Gurus to sincere seekers of spirituality. Infact, Lord Hayagriva is the Aadi-Guru for Shri Vidhya sampradaaya. The important devotional classic "Shri Lalithaa Sahasranaama" was popularised only after He instructed the sage Agasthya on this.

Now that you know the essence of these deities, sincere devotion to them keeping in mind that they are Deification of Wisdom will be enough to propitiate them under normal circumstances. Elaborate rituals are also there for the worship of these Deities which cannot be divulged unless in person.